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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Any Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them under the Terms of Use which govern your use of our website (the “Website”) referred to as the “Platform”.

Customer Cancellation

As a general rule Buyer shall not be entitled to cancel subscription or order once placed. Invest with Tribe will not refund the money collected from the subscription fees.

As a general rule Buyer shall not be entitled to cancel subscription or order once placed

Invest with Tribe decision on refunds shall be final and binding

In case of the complaint of any spurious product, the liability shall solely lie with the creator selling the product. Invest withTribe is merely a communication software facilitating the transactions between the Merchant and the Buyer and therefore, Invest withTribe shall assume no liability with respect to the products sold by the Creator. Invest with Tribe strictly discourages dealing of any spurious product on its Platform and shall reserve the right to report such incidents to the concerned authorities for appropriate legal actions

Termination of Service

Invest withTribe reserves the right to immediately terminate, suspend, limit, or restrict Your account or Your use of the Services or access to Content at any time, without notice or liability, if Invest withTribe so determines in its sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever, including that You have breached these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, violated any law, rule, or regulation, engaged in any inappropriate conduct, provided false or inaccurate information, or for any other reason. You hereby agree and consent to the above and agree and acknowledge that Invest with Tribe can, at its sole discretion, exercise its right in relation to any or all of the above, and that Invest with Tribe, its directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, principals or licensors shall not be liable in any manner for the same; and You hereby agree, acknowledge and consent to the same. You hereby also agree that Invest with Tribe shall not refund any amounts that you may have paid to access and/or use the Services.